PLEASE SUPPORT the victims of the Jan 6 events who did not riot or enter any building, but were unconstitutionally apprehended and held by our government for almost a year now and treated worse than war criminals!

πŸ”΄Vietnam War veteran Lonnie Coffman was apprehended in Washington DC during the January 6th March on the Capitol and has been held without bond or trial for 218 days. For many of those months he was held in solitary confinement despite nonviolent charges, and denied necessary medical attention. His constitutional rights to a fair and speedy trial and due process have been grossly violated. The political persecution of our veterans by this government needs to end! His family is asking us to help with whatever we can!

πŸ”΄On January 18, Ryan & Bonnie Nichols' house was raided by the FBI at 5:30 am with the allegation of Ryan's involvement at the Capitol on Jan 6. He's being held without any trial under horrific conditions. Click the button below to read the full story.

Support GOYA Foods!


In addition to boycotting Anti-American Companies, we want to SUPPORT Pro-America ones. Now there's a company that we at Patriot Parents highly recommend: GOYA foods!
This is not only a company that supported President Trump's America first agenda, but is now also on a mission to stop child trafficking through the US-Mexico border! "Goya cares" pledges to work with organizations that rescue, unite and rehabilitate victims of child trafficking. Notice this not on the pretender president's agenda whatsoever. In fact, he has created this horror with his no border policy.  We need to do our part in making this company even more successful.


DONATE to help an innocent disabled veteran who is being framed by the government as a Jan 6 insurrectionist !

The Government and a hostile media continue to slander Tom, falsely calling him the leader of an β€œattack” on January 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol. They have also accused him of β€œhunting down” members of Congress on January 6th. Finally, the President, Attorney General, Speaker of the House, and virtually every Democrat on Capitol Hill has claimed that the January 6th protestors are racists, white supremacists, and domestic terrorists. Every one of these claims is false. Tom and his family are asking for your prayers during this horrible time of trouble, and if you can, to donate to help fight the injustice threatening their livelihood. YOU can do something to help an innocent veteran avoid the loss of his family farm. The storm he faces threatens the freedom of us all. 


Join Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers in this nationwide petition! The Arizona forensic audit has unveiled MASSIVE voter fraud, from duplicated ballots to dead people voting and vote flipping! The 2020 ELECTION FRAUD IS NOT GOING AWAY, EVER. We will not have a constitutional republic and equal justice under the law if this is not remediated.


PETITION: Ban Covid vaccine mandates for schools and universities!

The Covid mRNA based vaccines have adversely impacted young children in untold numbers! Demand that vaccine mandates for schools and universities be prohibited in every U.S. state. This petition will be sent to the leaders of every state legislature and governor in the United States, urging them to pass emergency legislation banning vaccine mandates for primary, secondary and university students. America's youth must be protected from unknown future side-effects of these drugs, and parental rights must be respected!


We the people need to start fighting with our Dollars. We need to stand up against companies who are publicly supporting Anti-American political hatred, Antisemitism against our ally Israel, and those who side with our own adversaries.

JPMorgan CHASE is a big disappointment. Today (8/30/2021) we have learned that they have cancelled General Michael Flynn's credit cards. Their excuse was : "Reputational damage." General Flynn has honorably served our country his entire life. It is absolutely outrageous that a bank like Chase can abruptly shut down credit for this America HERO over his political views! This Cancel Culture must be crushed!

We are calling on everyone who sees this to email CEO Jamie Dimon at [email protected] and tell him that the "reputational damage" he was so worried about... was done by this very act. Let's tell him that we will be cancelling our credit cards with Chase!

Verizon is yet another corporation that was exposed by researcher Christopher Rufo (8/25/2021) teaching employees that capitalism is fundamentally racist, that "weaponized White privilege" is a danger to African-Americans, and that employees should support "defunding the police," thanks to a brave whistleblower. 

Are you still comfortable with them being your carrier? We strongly urge you to SWITCH to a more decent one, TODAY!

In a recent scoop it was revealed that Bank of America has implemented a "racial re-education program," claiming that "ALL whites, regardless of one’s socioeconomic class background or other disadvantages, are living a life with white-skin privileges. Even white TODDLERS develop racial bias by ages 3-5...” YES! You heard that right. The only question to be asked now is: Why are you still banking with a corporation that poisons our American society? It's time to move your money elsewhere!

American Express, the Credit Card and Capital giant is "training" its employees with Critical Race Theory, telling them that Capitalism is RACIST, that working hard to succeed is a racial microaggression. Our call to action: Cut your ties with them!

Nike CEO John Donahoe: "We are a brand of China and FOR China." This means NIKE is literally subordinated to the Chinese Communist Party. Is it any surprise that their "superstar" is Colin Kaepernick? 

Ben & Jerry's not only OPENLY supporting defunding our police at their own website, but also wants to boycott "Palestinian Occupied Territories, " aka Israel. They sure did get a backlash from Israel for this, but they should also get it from US!

Justice for Ashli Babbit legal fund

The shooting of Ashli Babbitt on January 6, 2021, by an unidentified U.S. Capitol Police officer was an unjustified use of deadly force which violated her constitutional rights. Video footage shows that Ashli was not an immediate threat to the officer or anyone else as she stepped into a window leading to the Speaker’s Lobby and was shot and killed. Help Ashli's husband and family members fight this horrendous injustice!

Join President Trump in a class action Lawsuit:

It is NO SECRET that Big Tech Social Giants: Facebook, Twitter and Google, have been engaging in brutal censorship of the American people who support President Donald J. Trump! 75 Million of us! They have shadow banned us, removed videos we posted that carried inconvenient truths, and cancelled our voices by shutting down our accounts. They have been working closely with government bureaucracies and the deep state to steer public opinion to be in line with the radical left, and hide the truth from the public. From forbidding the use of the term "illegal immigration", to Covid-19 discoveries that have saved tens of thousands of lives, such as Hydrochloroquine. From banning voices who rightfully claimed that the virus originated in Wuhan, China, to shutting down posts that videotaped the brazen fraudulent activity of the 2020 Elections! But most of all - These very powerful companies have taken our very basic first amendment right to FREE SPEECH. It is time to fight back and win, with President Trump and the America First Policy Institute!

Support Governor Greg Abbott and the Great State of Texas to build the Border Wall!

As we all know, Texas oversees the longest border between the US and Mexico. With the Border Crisis having no end in sight and with a make believe President and Vice President in Washington DC, Governor Greg Abbott is stepping up to the plate to protect our country, because they won't. The state has just approved 250 million dollars to start construction immediately but that's not enough to complete it. Governor Abbott is asking for our help and we, as Patriotic Americans, should definitely to answer the call!

Support the America Project! may be the non profit organization that can help expose the voter fraud of Elections 2020. It is not going away. Watch  General Michael Flynn, a true American Hero and a top advisor in this organization, explain more in detail about the actions they are taking, and consider making a donation to support them!

Combat Censorship!πŸ’₯
Support Alternative Platforms.

Big Tech Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google have become dangerously powerful. Not only do they hold every bit of our private information, track everything we search for and post, but they have also engaged in shaping public opinion and censoring free speech. They claim to be neutral while abusing their enormous tech power to shut down conservative voices and entire websites (e.g. Parler who was competing with twitter, ) suppressed other websites of news outlets from showing in a search and have crossed all lines recently by shutting down the social media accounts of none other than the President of The United States, Donald J. Trump. The mainstream media is no different in that regard. It's time to start fighting this outrageous phenomenon, and the way to do it, as with all monopoly powers, is to introduce competition and alternatives. In our case, ones who don't stifle free speech. Join us and make the switch today. 

Sign the Petition to call for a Convention Of States!

Washington DC is out of control. After the 2020 Election Theft, Complicit Courts, A Takeover of our system of Government by the Radical Left, Decades-Old Corrupt Politicians, We The People have the right, under Article V of the United States Constitution,  to call for a Convention of States, and propose amendments that will impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit its power and jurisdiction, and impose term limits on its officials and members of Congress. Take Action Today at


Support Sidney Powell - A True American Hero!

Sidney Powell is the last lawyer standing in the fight to restore true justice in America. She fearlessly represented General Michael Flynn who faced a brutal and corrupt deep state persecution, as well as We-The-People, who were disenfranchised in the biggest most outrageous voter fraud scam of the 2020 elections. Sidney is not giving up and neither should we! Please consider making a donation at DefendingTheRepublic.Org to help her restore election integrity in our country.