Patriot Parents are proud to support Glenn Youngkin for Governor of Virginia!


Attention Virginia Parents!

Your children's future, particularly in education, is on the line. This is not a joke anymore. It's time to act with your vote!

One party Democrat control is failing Virginians. The recovery from the pandemic ranks Virginia in the bottom 10 among states, students are behind in school, violent crime has risen to 20-year highs, and much of government, like the Virginia Employment Commission and Department of Motor Vehicles, is broken. People are voting with their feet and leaving the Commonwealth. It’s time for bold leadership. Glenn will make sure Virginia has better-paying jobs, the best schools, the safest communities, and a government that works for you. His game plan will create 400,000 jobs and make sure every student graduates career or college ready. Glenn will cut exploding costs for families and relieve the burdens of inflation and taxes. He will cut regulations to create jobs and make it easier for innovators and entrepreneurs to get small businesses moving again. He will restore our high standards for schools and our students, ban critical race theory, invest in our teachers and schools, and empower parents with real choices. He will defend - not defund - our law enforcement heroes, end human trafficking, and rescue our failing mental health system. And Glenn will make state government honest, efficient, and modern.

Radical Democrat Candidate Terry McAullife, DOES NOT BELIEVE that YOU, parents, should be involved in YOUR CHILDREN'S EDUCATION. This is following the exposure of school boards across Virginia, indoctrinating children with Critical Race Theory, Transgenderism and Child Pornography! It is time to send a clear message and SAVE VIRGINIA from turning into a Communist hellhole!