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We are all about SCHOOL CHOICES


There are plenty of outstanding homeschooling programs out there! Here are the ones we highly recommend:

Alpha Omega Academy

Educating students academically and spiritually. We embrace each student as a gift from the Creator, and we firmly believe that our world belongs to God and our lives are a testimony of thanksgiving and service to Him.


Abeka homeschooling curriculum is a thoroughly Christian, traditional program that emphasizes biblical character building through their rigorous preK-Grade 12 textbooks.


Sonlight offers multiple curriculum options, completely customizable to meet your needs

Liberty University Online Academy

Let your student have all the benefits of a private education while providing a Christian learning environment and value system.

BJU Press Homeschool

Starting anything new can be intimidating, especially when it involves your family. BJU Press Homeschool is here to help you on your journey to educate your children

Christian Liberty

Offering Accredited Homeschool Programs

School Programs we endorse:

Optima Class Academy

Optima Classical Academy brings the true, good, and beautiful to online education. Through live instruction with a highly competent and engaged teacher, students are able to optimize the online learning experience and ultimately enjoy the freedom of a more flexible and individualized learning environment that you can take with you no matter where you are or where you go.

Hamilton Liberty Academy

For grades 9-12
Hamilton Liberty Academy provides an integrated and full encompassing education that will enrich the academic, economic, and professional lives of our youth as they begin their futures.

Hope Scholarship - Liberty Scholar by FLCA

Liberty Scholar is an online forum for parents and student influencers purposed to provide a solution to the failure of the American public education system. Liberty Scholar is a branch of Florida Citizens Alliance, primarily geared towards parents who are looking for a solution to their child’s educational needs.

Stuff for Kids!

The Tuttle Twins Book Series

The Tuttle Twins 12 book set with bonuses and Small Business Idea Activity Book includes 13 paperback books full of bright engaging illustrations the books introduce children to fundamental principles that schools don’t teach. Great for teaching children, homeschooling, and learning the foundations of a variety of topics like economics, business, teamwork, and more!

The Kids Guide

Interactive Books for Kids with Video Lessons, by TheKidsGuide.com
A wonderful series, created in response to an overwhelming need to make it fun for kids to learn about the concepts, people, places, and events that drive our nation and our world. From the greatest moments in American history to today’s hottest topics, the Kids Guide gives children a deeper understanding than they can get anywhere else. Check out their latest item: Kids-Fight-Socialism

Educate yourself at home with the best!

Prager University

Enlighten yourself with an arsenal of 5-minute-videos that will empower you with great information about the issues of the day in America, as well as shows, documentaries, and podcasts of outstanding conservative minds like Candace Owens and Dennis Prager himself.

Hillsdale College

Free Online Courses! Hillsdale believes that an educated citizenry can be a powerful force for honoring, understanding, and defending America’s founding principles.

Dr. John Rosemond

Family Psychologist, Author, Speaker & Syndicated Columnist, giving us invaluable parenting lessons and tips every day! Read his latest columns here!

Media Sources We Trust!

...because the Mainstream Media can no longer be.

One America News Network (OAN)

Internet Based Top News & Opinion Network

One America News (OAN) is our #1 choice for news coverage in America and around the world. Featuring Concise News Segments that will get you up to date quickly, outstanding commentary and opinion programs and top notch investigative journalism!
Click HERE to watch a free 24/7 stream, playing their most recent shows.


Right Side Broadcasting Network

RSBN is a favorite of ours! Rich, exclusive content, with shows, podcasts, news and opinion. They are the only network that brings us live uninterrupted coverage of Trump rallies, starting hours before the event and all the way to its conclusion. Their anchors are superb young American patriots who love our country! RSBN is almost entirely viewer funded. Get to know them and consider supporting them right HERE.

Breitbart News

Most popular conservative news outlet

Breitbart News is one of America’s leading news organizations, operating on the web, radio and social media, exposing and informing us with the truth every day!

The Federalist

A web magazine focused on culture, politics, and religion

The Federalist has a lot of talented contributors who bring us stories and truths the mainstream media will never cover!

The Epoch Times

The fastest-growing independent news media in America.

Dedicated to truthful reporting, free from the influence of any government, corporation, or political party—this is what makes the Epoch Times different from other media organizations. Its goal is to bring readers accurate information so they can form their own opinions about the most significant topics of our time. Follow their YouTube channel for weekly briefings and TV programs!

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