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Johnny the Walrus

A Must Read for All Children and Parents! Matt Walsh beautifully illustrates the eternal truths about identity in a way that anyone could understand. We need more books like this that can address the increasingly ridiculous and sinister ideologies force fed to our children today.

Heroes of Liberty

Children learn by example. Let them walk in the footsteps of giants by subscribing to Heroes of Liberty’s book series. Ages 7-12.
This book series was recently CENSORED by the "woke" culture of twitter and facebook! But they cannot censor us here! We believe that our children can learn a lot from true historical leaders like Thomas Jefferson, Margaret Thatcher, Rush Limbaugh and many more conservative icons who stand up for our values, not the "woke books!"

The Tuttle Twins Book Series

The Tuttle Twins 12 book set with bonuses and Small Business Idea Activity Book includes 13 paperback books full of bright engaging illustrations the books introduce children to fundamental principles that schools don’t teach. Great for teaching children, homeschooling, and learning the foundations of a variety of topics like economics, business, teamwork, and more!

The Kids Guide

Interactive Books for Kids with Video Lessons, by
A wonderful series, created in response to an overwhelming need to make it fun for kids to learn about the concepts, people, places, and events that drive our nation and our world. From the greatest moments in American history to today’s hottest topics, the Kids Guide gives children a deeper understanding than they can get anywhere else. Check out their latest item: Kids-Fight-Socialism



Prager University has a special corner for your kids of all ages! A plethora of tale stories, shows, videos, reading materials and activity books, that teach the great American story and all of the achievements Americans have made throughout history. While the failed public schools are too busy indoctrinating students with CRT and hatred for America, your kids will be educated the right way, and grow up to be well rounded, intelligent, and proud Americans.