This page is dedicated to the few good representatives in Washington DC, who we MUST re-elect, in order to build the America First coalition. They are Trump supporters all the way and they have our full endorsement!


Ron DeSantis

Governor of Florida

WHO in his right mind wouldn't want to re-elect America's governor? Americans know full well that Ron is an America First governor, one of the best to have handled the pandemic. He kept Florida open and free, banned CRT, sexual poisoning of little children, and the irrational devastating masking and lockdowns. So while the media still runs hit pieces about him day and night, Florida has seen the biggest mass migration into it, from the very Democrat controlled states who are bashing him. Ron is a leader that millions of Americans from the other 49 states would have love to have as their governor - THAT's the truth!

Byron Donalds

Representing FL-19 

Byron is a Floridian gem and an outstanding representative of our voices in Washington DC ! He defies every Left-wing media narrative, and his set of accomplishments is exemplary! Watch his campaign video HERE!


Mary Miller

US House of Representatives, IL-15

TRUMP ENDORSED for re-election! Mary is a champion of our America First agenda! She is a  mother of seven, grandmother of eighteen, and a former Sunday school teacher. She is not a career politician and she has not spent her life in the DC swamp. Mary was inspired by President Trump to run for Congress in 2020 to be a voice for families and farmers ignored by Washingtin, DC elites. She was elected to represent Illinois’ 15th District with 73.4% of the vote. Mary fights every day for our Midwestern values of Faith, family and freedom. LET'S MAKE SURE SHE KEEPS HER JOB!


Jim Banks

US House of Representatives, IN-3

Ever since elected by we the people, to serve as the representative for Indiana’s 3rd congressional district on January 3, 2017, Congressman Jim Banks has quickly solidified his position as one of President Donald Trump’s biggest House allies. He is a member of the House Armed Services Committee as well as the House Committees on Education and Labor, and Veterans’ Affairs. Serving in these roles, Banks has not only kept his promises to strengthen the economy, rebuild our military and care for our nation’s heroes, but he has worked alongside President Trump to roll back some of the most egregious and burdensome Obama-era rules and regulations. Let's make sure we keep him at his job!


Rand Paul

US Senator

Senator Rand Paul is a strong Constitutional Libertarian. While he was skeptic about Trump at first, he quickly realized he had more common ground with Trump, than any other president in the past! Rand finally saw what we all did, and joined the fan club! It's all about common sense: Adhering to our constitution, preserving our freedoms, cutting government waste and abuse, not sending our military to fight useless wars, and putting America FIRST. Rand is a true warrior against the deep state. He took Fauci the liar to the ring on multiple hearings, as well as Big Tech CEOs on their censorship, and Democrats over their impeachment lies and CRT. Today, his re-election campaign slogan is "Kentucky First." Rand gets it, and therefore, he's a KEEPER!


John Kennedy

US Senator

Senator John Kennedy is a man of wisdom. He is a great asset to the people of Louisiana, and to the United States. Common sense, logic, ton of knowledge and critical thinking are what makes him unique. He's even funny at often times! But he takes his job very seriously. Principled freedom lover.


Jim Jordan

US House of representatives, Ohio's 4th District

A fearless hero, minces no words, avid and loyal  supporter of President Trump, fought the Democrats in their impeachment hoaxes and called out their lies right in their faces. Jim is an example of what a Republican representative should be like. Endorsed for re-election!


Kristi Noem

Governor of  South Dakota

Honestly, what South-Dakotan wouldn't support Kristi? She is a strong, articulate, conservative, common sense individual, who stood up for the rights and freedoms of the citizens in her state, while Dr. Anthony Fauci, the big liar, was shutting down the country. She runs South Dakota like clockwork. One of the lowest unemployment, taxes and crime states. And... she is 100% TRUMP ENDORSED! Let's keep her right where she is!


Louie Gohmert

Hubmly serving Texas 1st District

Louie Gohmert is another favorite Congressman of ours, and it's no wonder he's a big time favorite in his Texan district, with over 70% of voters who want to keep him at his job. Gohmert supports law and order, secure borders, and American greatness. He is 100% committed to the America First Trump agenda.