Dear Patriotic Americans,

This website came to fruition after years of experiencing the blatant assaults on families that we experienced while raising our children, and it comes from various sources that we as parents entrust our children to every day. Schools, extracurricular activities, colleges and even age old institutions that boast about their goals to “empower” our young people. If we as parents embrace values that differ from what these organizations wish to impose on our kids, it is we who are attacked and referred to in negative terms such as “helicopter parents.” Parents' abilities to guide their children as they see fit, are being impinged on by those in places of power. Children are coerced into believing what they are being told in order to fit in with others around them. Because of our changing culture, parents rights are being superseded by those we employ to teach and lead our children in their daily activities. Many parents are unaware of what is going on, and therefore inadvertently give up their power to parent effectively. Some simply cave, because it's easier to be a friend, rather than their parent. We cannot allow this to continue, or we will most certainly lose America as we know it.

The goal of Patriot Parents, is to bring parents together to stand against people or institutions that are actively dismantling our family, and frankly, our country. In the America of today, they are known as the out of control Radical Left: BLM, Antifa, Defund the Police, Critical Race Theory, Wokeism, Public School indoctrination, Big-Tech censoring and public opinion shaping. The list goes on. We are Pro Family and Pro America. We want to encourage you to pass on to your children conservative values that will help them grow into productive adults and contribute to our society. Whether you are a parent or not, how our children are brought up and the influences upon them, affects us all. We need to support one another in this endeavor. We hope that those of you who wish to preserve America, will use this website as a support system for staying on top of what's important to be successful in your ventures. Our aim is to INFORM you about what is relevant, INSPIRE you to be aware and IGNITE you to get involved and take action!

We look forward to taking this journey with you!