A central pillar of any family unit is their faith. At least it should be. No matter your beliefs, your faith should be passed on to your children by being integrated into the family. The by-product of this faith, becomes evident through your actions. Our belief system is central to how we live, behave and interact with the world around us. In fact, our country was founded on faith. When we had God as our anchor, our country grew and prospered fully. But unfortunately, over time God was removed from being the central part of our lives. Look around, and you will see where this has taken us.

If we want our country to continue to move forward as the most successful example of goodness and prosperity, we must make sure that we take a stand against those who wish to eliminate faith from our society. We're not talking about faith for the purpose of โ€œlooking good,โ€ but rather faith from the perspective of BEING good. What we say and what we do are sometimes in conflict, but the two should coincide. If we put America back on the right track, our families and children will be affected in a very positive way. Additionally, keeping our families in check will positively affect our country as well.

We had a president who we'd never seen openly profess his faith, until he became the leader of the most powerful country in the world. His actions and love for America made it apparent that he was a believer. He saw first-hand that God's goodness made this country great. Because of this, he worked hard to restore America to that greatness. We should always support our leaders in making our country a better place, as well as upholding all that America stands for. How better to do so, than by drawing closer to God and making sure that our children understand that without Him, we cannot prosper.

Our faith is what carries us through bad times. With the struggles that are present now, and the ones that are ahead, we need it in our lives more than ever. Whichever beliefs you have, it is important that you implement your faith into your daily routine. It will give you the ability to make good decisions, raise more grounded children, and interact better with your fellow citizens. Through God, all things are possible!

God bless you and God bless America.