This page will be dedicated to identify businesses that stand up for our constitution and freedoms, and CHEER America!

Seed To Table

Patriotic Organic Food Market, Located in Naples, Florida. Get to know them better HERE!

Now shipping to continental U.S. via online orders!

Olde Country Soap

Made in the U.S.A.

Handcrafted soap bars, made using a generations-old, traditional Amish technique, and all locally-sourced ingredients. Natural soaps, the old-fashioned way, without the harsh chemicals.

Lions Not Sheep

Based in Utah

Patriotic apparel for men, women, and kids, with a strong message, and so much more! They will even give you a free constitution booklet with your order!


Jeremy's Razors

Jeremy Boreing is an American Patriot and the owner of the Daily Wire. Harry's Razors who were regularly advertising with the Daily Wire, abruptly cut ties, because the well known conservative news website dared to say that boys are boys and girls are girls. They called this view "inexcusable, " as if it is a crime to think straight in America. Very well.... Jeremy decided to counter this woke company and started his own razor company! THIS is exactly how we fight the insanity of the left!
We will do our part here and recommend that all of you dads and young men will give your business to a pro-America company, rather than a company that hates you for being good old traditional and biologically correct.

Support GOYA Foods!


In addition to boycotting Anti-American Companies, we want to SUPPORT Pro-America ones. Now there's a company that we at Patriot Parents highly recommend: GOYA foods!
This is not only a company that supported President Trump's America first agenda, but is now also on a mission to stop child trafficking through the US-Mexico border! "Goya cares" pledges to work with organizations that rescue, unite and rehabilitate victims of child trafficking. Notice this not on the pretender president's agenda whatsoever. In fact, he has created this horror with his no border policy.  We need to do our part in making this company even more successful.


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