Watch Episode 1 of Lara Logan's J6 investigative work: "Rest of the Story."

How the FBI drove a young man by the name of Matthew Perna to hang himself (Click the image)


President Donald J. Trump Returns to Washington DC to Deliver Keynote Speeches - 9/15/23
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Pray for Maui

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Censorship = Communism!

Our First Amendment Rights are being wiped out right underneath our noses, and at the rate that we are going, we will be a Third World country in no time.

When They Indict, We Unite!

There are many more ways that we can make a difference, that will in turn indirectly, and directly support President Trump in what he is doing, while fighting to take back America ourselves!

The Bidens’ Influence Peddling Timeline

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What is a Woman?

The outstanding documentary by Matt Walsh! Watch it now in our Movies & Documentaries Page!

An insight into Hunter Biden's laptop!

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Who is behind the Trans Agenda?

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"Nothing worth doing came easy." 
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Our Latest Recommended Read:
The Democrat Party Hates America

by Mark Levin, Seven-time #1 New York Times bestselling author, radio host, and Fox News star returns to the page to reveal the radically dangerous Democrat agenda that is upending American life.

In American Marxism, Mark Levin explained how Marxist ideology has invaded our society and culture. In doing so, he exposed the institutions, scholars, and activists leading the revolution. Now, he picks up where he left off: to hold responsible the true malefactors steering our country down the wrong path. Insightful and hard-hitting as ever, Levin proves that since its establishment, the Democrat Party has set out to rewrite history and destroy the foundation of freedom in America. More than a political party, it is the entity through which Marxism has installed its philosophy and its new revolution. As in a Thomas Paine pamphlet or a clarion call from Paul Revere, Levin alerts his fellow Americans to the destruction this country is facing, and rallies them to defeat the threat in front of us—more looming than ever. He writes, “Every legal, legitimate, and appropriate tool and method must be employed in the short- and long- run to defeat the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party must be resoundingly conquered in the next election and several elections thereafter, or it will become extremely difficult to undo the damage it is unleashing at breakneck pace.”

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Critical Race Theory is nothing short of an evil plan, by a tyrannical, anti-American, leftist goverment, to divide and conquer we the People! Watch this video with your family and learn all about this plan. We must all come together and kill it, fast! The good news is that WE ARE WINNING! The bad news is that they will not let go of this until they are thrown out of power. Parents: Keep up the fight! In schoolboards, and wherever else you see it! These are OUR children, and we're gonna raise them to love our country and our constitution, to believe that they can achieve anything if they are willing to work hard for it, and to judge others by the content of their character!

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