The Patriot Parents Team would like to wish all of you parents out there, children, grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, a very HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!

Indoctrination of our children is a huge problem in society today. We are surrounded by organizations, educational institutions and even other people that come into our children's lives and do not have their best intentions in mind. Their goal is to impart their own belief systems on the hearts of our kids, in order to shape them into the adults that they want them to be. This is in blatant violation of parents, and very often, results in turning children against the very things and people that made them who they are. It is time for parents to realize that we have the strength and power to fight back against this intrusion on our families. In fact, it is our duty to do so, for if we do not, we will witness the demise of our children, the family unit, and our society as a whole.

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Goodness Always Trumps Evil

While it is difficult for Conservatives to keep a stiff upper lip as we see our country being systematically dismantled, we must not lose hope. We at Patriot Parents believe that the evil that is rampant in our country right now, is signaling in, the days of reckoning, meaning that our country has turned it's back on God for too long now, and is seeing the outcome of such. This does not include those of you who staunchly believe in God and the greater good for America, but it does apply to the Godless Left, who are taking part in the evil that is just now being unveiled for all to see. Actions like indoctrinating children, abortion, pedophilia, election fraud, addictions such as drugs, alcohol and pornography, devil worship, open borders, child trafficking and the rampant theft and murders that we are experiencing all around us. All of these are part of the debauchery that has brought us to this point.

Attention Parents!
The rise of socialism in America is alarming!
It is time to educate your children about the dire consequences of implementing Socialism (which is a nice word for Communism) in America. Millions of people fled for their lives from these regimes and came HERE for a reason! America is the land of freedom and opportunity! But those who do not know history will be doomed to repeat it!

Critical Race Theory is NOT an organic trend - it is an evil plan to turn the American people against each other! Watch this video with your family and learn all about this plan. We must all come together and kill it, fast!

The Crimes Against Kyle

Patriot Parents stand strong in solidarity with Kyle Rittenhouse, who has proved to America, that we still have a right to self defense! Read on...

Lose-Lose Infrastructure Situation!
When will they learn?

Psycho Psaki
A radical administration requires a radical lying spokes person...

With Liberty and Justice for All⁉️
Nope, it's Rules for Thee... But NOT for me!

The Divided States of America

Biden's Build Back Better plan claims to be the most transformative one that we have ever seen, and it has most certainly proven to be just that, and not in a good way at all!


Please pray for the health of Casey DeSantis

We are calling on everyone to say a prayer for Casey DeSantis, wife of Governor Ron DeSantis and wish her quick recovery from the breast cancer she was diagnosed with. Sending much love and support to America's governor and his family.

Casey, you will come out of this stronger than ever, and continue to do the great work in the area of mental health, children and families! God Bless you and your family.

From us, at Patriot Parents!

Patriot Parents are strong supporters of our Police Officers!

They deserve our gratitude, now more than ever!

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