Patriot Parents are heartbroken over the Covenant School Shooting in Nashville, Tennessee.

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The Audacity of Authenticity

Why people love President Trump

Normalizing the Abnormal

Right when we think we are in the darkest place we could be in America, it just keeps getting darker. We have to ask ourselves: Have we gone too far, or are we too far gone?

The latest Pfizer Bombshell!

Wanting to mutate the COVID virus so that they can be ready ride the next wave of Billions! See it in our COVID-19 War Page!

Rush Limbaugh knew everything about the phony Biden regime

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Recall Hobbs!

Flashback to WEF 2018: This is what an American President should be like!

Watch President Trump walk right inside the Globalists arena and reject Globalism right in their faces!

The Death of America

A documentary by Sam Anselmo about our Second Amendment Rights and the endless attempts to take them away from us! Now available and free to watch, on our Movies & Documentaries Page!

Hunter's Laptop Matters!

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Tolerating Two-Tiered Justice

Where did "Justice for all" go?

๐Ÿ—’๏ธNote of the Day

For the past 50 years, doomsday climate "experts" have made a long list of climate predictions, ALL of which have miserably FAILED. Today we are happy to have Greta Thunberg join the club. Nicely done, Greta!

Watch the replay of the last
Waco, Texas,

Thank you, Right-Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN)

Shame on Disney!

Disney has gone bonkers! There is no other way to explain what we're seeing! This video is their latest production. No more Mickey & Donald or any of the figures we used to love... It is now all replaced by a disgusting leftist propaganda. If anyone tells you "This country was built by salves, " you tell him that this country was built, and still is being built, by WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!
Parents: Please LOOK AFTER your children and educate them the right way, or you might lose them to these Satanists!

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Final Battle

By David horowitz

Final Battle exposes the real threat that Democrats pose to freedom. The rise of socialism and critical race theory, coupled with threats to the Electoral College and Senate, an independent judiciary, and the integrity of the electoral system, now threaten to destroy the traditions that bring Americans together โ€” the heart of our democracy. Attacks on these quintessentially American customs codified by the Founding Fathers undermine the possibility of bipartisan solutions to common problems like viral pandemics and civil disorders. Americans now speak in different and antagonistic political languages, and the two parties are so polarized that the American way of life itself is at risk. In his devastating exposรฉ of the Democratsโ€™ nefarious goals, New York Times bestselling author David Horowitz reveals the hallmarks of their strategies, including: The double standard in justice: Antifa and BLM versus January 6 Citizenship as disposable: granting noncitizens privileges like voting, welfare, and healthcare So-called โ€œcancel cultureโ€ and collusion in the defamation of conservative voices โ€œEmpires and states rise and fall while everybody is watching. Although the watchers may be surprised when the actual collapse occurs, with the hindsight provided by the end itself, everybody can see how it fell.โ€ Read Final Battle before itโ€™s too late!

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Make no mistake, parents! This is a DIRECT result of the public education system and the radical left culture, that justifies crime as the result of victimhood, extreme D.A.'s releasing criminals back into the streets, and the ordering of police to not arrest them in the first place! Businesses are being looted in broad daylight, violence among indoctrinated teens is at all time high, and right now, there's no end in sight because the politicians in charge DO NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICANS ANYMORE.

Critical Race Theory is nothing short of an evil plan, by a tyrannical, anti-American, leftist goverment, to divide and conquer we the People! Watch this video with your family and learn all about this plan. We must all come together and kill it, fast! The good news is that WE ARE WINNING! The bad news is that they will not let go of this until they are thrown out of power. Parents: Keep up the fight! In schoolboards, and wherever else you see it! These are OUR children, and we're gonna raise them to love our country and our constitution, to believe that they can achieve anything if they are willing to work hard for it, and to judge others by the content of their character!

Patriot Parents are strong supporters of our Police Officers!

They deserve our gratitude, now more than ever!