Welcome to our Truth Tellers page!
We will present the best public figures who donโ€™t mince words, while telling it like it is. We recommend everyone follow them to be empowered with the truth!

Tucker Carlson

Tucker is America's #1 TRUTH TELLER. He is one of very few journalists who dig deep to find out the truth about any topic or subject in our country. He was the one who called out the COVID farce, the Biden crime family, the FBI corruption, the Ukrainian money laundering and the January 6 LIES pushed by the fake media. FoxNews has committed a suicidal blunder by letting him go, but this may be a huge blessing in disguise, as the vast majority of the American people, who are so hungry for the TRUTH, will completely ditch the mainstream media altogether. This is our prediction at least. Tucker will carry the Truth Telling torch with him wherever he goes, and grow even stronger.

Click the video to watch is latest updates!

Matt Gaetz
Congressman, FL-01

Matt is our kind of fighter in Congress! He doesn't go with the flow - he goes against it! And the reasons for doing that are countless, because like us, Matt understands that Washington DC does NOT have the best interest of we-the-people (whom they are supposed to represent) in mind.
Matt knows that RINOS like Kevin McCarthy are not there to fight and defeat the radical Left, but rather "work with them!" He spits blatant truthbombs one after the other, like the need to investigate the corruption at the FBI , bring back the C-SPAN cameras to the chamber, so we can truly see what is going on in our Congress, investigate Biden's policies on the border crisis , and much more. That is why he has earned his Truth-Teller medal, right here with us. We need many more Matt Gaetzs if we ever want to truly change course and save America. Thank you Matt for your courage!

Lauren Boebert
Congresswoman, CO-03

Lauren is not your average GOP representative in our house chamber... She is one fearless Truth Teller and a rising America First star! Unlike weak Republicans who capitulate to the Dems' lies, and propaganda, she knows exactly how to respond and dismantle their false narratives, turning them right back on them! It comes as no surprise why she likes to call herself a "RINO hunter." Every Republican representative should take note, and learn a thing or two from her. Follow her on Truth Social and Twitter, and let's get behind and support her in any way we can! THANK YOU LAUREN, FOR BEING A STRONG VOICE FOR THE SILENT MAJORITY!

As an example, watch Lauren take the Democrats to the ring on Gun Control!

Mark Levin

Mark Levin is a Constitutional Conservative, Great Scholar, Syndicated Talk Show Host, Author of many best selling books and one of the best patriots America has been blessed with. Served in the Reagan Administration at the DOJ, he knows the ins and outs of our government, first hand. His show runs weekdays 6pm-9pm EST on many talk radio stations our there and you can also tune in to his live stream and podcasts right HERE.
Please watch & share this video, where Mark is sounding the alarm about Marxism, that is taking over our country right now! We must all be informed, empowered and uproot it from our society ASAP if we want to keep our rights, freedoms and the American way of life. Mark is our BEST.

Christopher Rufo
Writer, filmmaker, and senior fellow at Manhattan Institute.

An intelligent young man, documenting and exposing the phenomena of critical race theory, homelessness, poverty, and other afflictions. Watch this video and get the real truth about Critical Race Theory and who's behind it. What a truth teller Chris is!

Peter Schweizer

Peter is an American political consultant and writer, New York Times best selling author of the books Secret Empires and Profiles in Corruption. He is the president of the Government Accountability Institute and runs an excellent website called The DrillDown, where you can find all the corruption he has unveiled. But most of all, he is a fearless investigative journalist, one of so very few who is not only digging for the truth, but also exposing the bad actors that have been undermining our country for many years. Recently, Peter has exposed CORRUPTION AND TREASON by the Clinton family, as well as the Biden family. His work should make national headlines,  but since we have no genuine mainstream media, it is up to us to pass along his findings and exposes!

Peter has published a new book called "RED HANDED" where he exposes how American elites get rich helping communist China win!

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Congresswoman (GA-14)

Marjorie is a newly elected Congresswoman from the great state of Georgia. She is a fearless truth teller and she is an outstanding voice for tens of millions of Americans just like you and us, who fully understand our current state of affairs, from the election 2020 fraud of the century, to the takeover attempt by the radical left on America. The vast majority of the American People DO NOT LIKE what they see happening. A dysfunctional, inept and fraudulently elected President and Vice President, An out of control Border crisis, Covid restrictions, War on Law Enforcement, Rising Crime and Gas Prices, The Green New Deal, Critical Race Theory and the Indoctrination of our Children. Marjorie is one of very few that calls it all out, loud & clear!

CLICK HERE to see one of her best tweet threads yet! If you are a twitter user, please give her a like and retweet her message, as twitter is trying to suppress her. Thank you.

Byron Donalds

Byron is our kind of House Representative! A conservative Republican, serving Florida's 19th Congressional District. He minces no words and his messages are loud and clear. He stands for our Constitution, freedoms & liberties, as well as for America's prosperity and success. Byron is very vocal against the radical Democrats in Washington DC and their socialist / communist agenda. He calls them out on every opportunity because he understands that their goal is unlimited power over the American people (in the disguise of being for them), and the total transformation of America, as we know it. Democrats still think that people of certain skin color should blindly fall in line with them, but NOT this guy! Byron is fully endorsed by President Trump and definitely by us as well! Watch him in action on these following links:

* Byron confronts house chair on vaccine mandates (12/14/2021)

* Byron on Newsmax with Greg Kelly (12/14/2021)

* Byron rips Democrats on Spending Bills (10/31/2021)

Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel is a leading commentator on politics, culture and national security. She is a legal immigrant to America born in Lebanon. Being a Christian, she survived war in the Middle East living in an 8x10 underground bomb shelter from the age of 10 until 17 years old. Saved by Israel, she knows first hand what Islamic Terrorism is and what is the agenda that's driving these heinous terrorist. Brigitte is not afraid to speak loud and clear, and warn us here in America, of what might happen here if we are not vigilant (and sure enough, we had 9/11.)
Brigitte runs an outstanding organization called "ACT for America" where you can not only find invaluable information, but also TAKE ACTION, sign petitions and send letters to your representatives with a click of a button. The letters are already crafted for you! We encourage EVERYONE to visit her website, get informed and take easy actions to start making a difference!

"We have a buffoon in the whitehouse! Joe Biden is taking orders from the Taliban!"
See Brigitte's latest barrage of truth bombs in the video below! Thank you Brigitte for being an outstanding Truth Teller!

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ R.I.P. Rush Limbaugh ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Dear Rush:
America's Anchorman,
Talent on loan from GOD,
The Doctor of Democracy,
The Big Voice on the Right...
So many loved you, millions and millions of us couldn't wait to tune into your show at noon EST, and listen to your words of wisdom and entertainment for 3 straight hours. Your brilliant mind kept us all on the cutting edge of news, information and commentary, always making the complex understandable. You preached individual freedom and liberty every day, You taught us how to love our country like no one else could ever do. You wanted everybody to prosper and succeed and saw potential in each and every one of us. Your contributions to America and your achievements are unparalleled. You will be greatly missed...
R.I.P. American Truth Teller & Hero!