This page is dedicated to Everyday Americans like YOU, who are standing up for our country, for our freedoms and for the truth. Make no mistake! We are at war against an out-of-control raging radical left that has taken over America by election fraud, and is trying to turn our constitutional republic into a communist state. This new Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, Wokeism and attack on our liberties must be stopped. We hope you get inspired by these stories and join this fight.

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J.J Watt🌟
Football Player, Arizona Cardinals


J.J is a really special kind of HERO of ours! Not only has he given a lot to charity throughout his career and helped raise $37M in relief aid for those affected by Hurricane Harvey (Texas, 2017), but now he has stepped up to pay out of his own pocket for all the funerals of the victims who were killed by the horrific terror attack that happened during a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. We don't get to see this kind of heart very often. For that, J.J, you are now on the Patriot Parents Heroes Board!

On a side note, notice that not one politician or celebrity thought about this. But we do remember them stepping up to help bail BLM rioters, very much like the one who committed this crime!

Shreveport, LA

Southwood High School in Shreveport, Louisiana, has seen a lot of violence among the students. 23 were arrested by the police. But then, a group of dads got together to address the problem. "We're dads. We decided the best people who can take care of our kids... are us," said founder Michael LaFitte. These dads patrol inside the high school in shifts, keeping the peace, but also mentoring  the kids along the way and serving them good parenting. Students have seen a dramatic change ever since. They feel a lot safer, focused on classes, and replaced violence with friendships. What a unique story this one is! Dads on Duty, you are our heroes πŸ’―!

Daniel Idfresne
Brooklyn Tech Senior Student

Daniel is a senior student from Brooklyn, NY. While pursuing his degree, he works washing dishes at Panera. Daniel may have a black skin color, but unlike the BLM/Antifa radicals, he's the exact opposite. He is Anti-Woke culture because he sees how self destructive it is and what it does to our society. Instead, he chose to have God in his heart and work hard to achieve his goals. HE was raised right by his parents, and it clearly shows. Read his entire story right HERE. Dare we say that if all young black Americans were raised like Daniel, we would be in much better shape? Kudos young man! You made it to our hero list!

Jamee Anatello
Mom, Portland, OR

Jamee is a Christian mom of eight, whose baby was nearly wounded from a flash bomb that Antifa threw at a Christian gathering in Portland, Oregon, on August 7, 2021. For Jamee, enough was enough! She went right to the camera and slammed the media, not only for their distorted portrayal of Antifa and BLM, but for refusing to hear her story. What happened to this fine black woman didn't fit the radical left narrative so much, but she will be heard, supported and loved by us! Thanks for your heroic truth telling action Jamee! you are a true Patriot Parent!

Nicole Solas
Mom, Rhode Island

Nicole is a stay home mom at the state of Rhode Island. She saw early on the indoctrination of her daughter at her school and filed an inquiry to the school board, demanding they show her the curriculum and what they are teaching her daughter. The school board, in retaliation, filed a lawsuit against her, seeking to block fulfilling Nicole's request. What do they have to hide?! Taking a student mom to court??? You'll agree that something smells really bad here. The school board was hoping for Nicole to back down, but she says "Game on!" Now THAT'S what we call a Patriot Parent Hero!
Watch her full story here and connect with her Facebook private group here! Let's show her some support!

Laura Morris
5th Grade Teacher
Loudon County, Virginia

Loudon County School boards are notorious in their push for CRT, Transgenderism and "woke" ideology, in the state of Virginia. Actual teachers in those same schools, however, are at the top of our HEROES hall of fame! Watch Laura Morris telling the school board she quits over their destructive policies, right in their face! Kudos, Laura, for being true to your values and refusing to bend over to the radical left! You are a HERO not only here, at Patriot Parents, but nationwide! Teachers in our country should all follow your lead!

Darryl Cooper
(Twitter: @martyrmade)

Darryl is a podcaster who shares his commentary on social media. recently he posted a long thread on twitter, that calls out all the lies, the corruption and the heinous crimes of the political establishment and the deep state in Washington DC against President Trump. His thread was loaded with so many hard hitting truths that not only did it go viral, but it has made it to the Tucker Carlson Tonight's show AS WELL AS getting a shoutout from President Trump himself!
Wow, Darryl! The truth is resonating all over America, and everyone knows what has been done to our president! Hopefully, with your contributions, justice will eventually come, but you are definitely and American HERO of ours! Thank You!


Justine Brooke Murray
Miss NJ candidate, Campus Reform Correspondent

Justine is a former White House intern and a candidate for Miss NJ. Although she did not win the pageant, when asked "What's the biggest issue facing your generation today and why?" - She answered : "Our generation is experiencing an epidemic of CENSORSHIP & ENTITLEMENT." The judges were shocked at her bluntness, but she was not hesitant to call out exactly what is so wrong in our society these days, hitting the nail right on the head! For that, Justine, you have made it to our page. You are definitely a HERO!

Dana Stangel Plowe
Teacher, NJ

Dana, an English Teacher at the Dwight-Englewood School in Bergen County, New Jersey, quits the job she loved, after seven years, because the school has embraced an ideology that creates hostile culture of conformity and fear. The school’s ideology requires students to see themselves not as individuals, but as representatives of a group, forcing them to adopt the status of privilege or victimhood. You guessed it - it's the Critical Race Theory that has been plaguing our schools by the radical left. Watch her video and read her resignation letter right here. Dana, we can't thank you enough for your HEROIC action, and we pray & hope you'll land on a much more deserving job very soon!

Lilit Venatsyan
School Teacher,
Fairfax County, Virginia

Lilit is a brave teacher who saw the Critical Race Theory for what it is. She took a stand, on behalf of her students, because they can't. Many school teachers reject this hateful and destructive theory being injected into the curriculum, but very few speak up, in fear of losing their job. Lilit is NOT one of them. And for that, she gets the HERO medal from us!

Tatiana Ibrahim
Mother, Carmel NY

Tatiana is a retired mother from upstate New York. Watch her EPIC speech, confronting the school board, for brainwashing our innocent children with Critical Race Theory and hating the police. The school board was trying to silence her with the excuse of not having a peaceful conversation... but that has only made things worse for them.
Kudos Tatiana and Congratulations for being a Patriot Parents HERO! 

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier
U.S. Space Force Commander

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier is tasked with detecting ballistic missile launches. He has served 14 years in the Air Force prior to joining the Space Force military branch. He has been fired for comments made during a podcast promoting his new book, which claims Marxist ideologies are becoming prevalent in the United States military. The only reason we can think of that this fine man would be relieved of his duties over his comments, is because he was exposing the truth! His book has quickly turned to being a best seller on Amazon, after just one week! The rage of the left under the Biden Administration knows no boundaries, and we should all be OUTRAGED about what is happening to our military. But we do wish to thank this American Hero of ours for not remaining silent about what he saw! 

Erin Pein
School Nurse, Stafford, NJ

Erin is a School Nurse who could no longer see what was being done to so many children at the school. "The mask mandate in schools is 100 percent child abuse and I can't just sit and be complicit anymore," she said. "I didn't think that voicing my concerns was going to make a difference, so I decided that I was going to do my own form of protest." She messaged school officials that she would not be wearing a face mask at work anymore. School officials suspended her and and she was escorted out of the school building. Erin! We hope you'll see this because you ARE our kind of HERO! We need a lot more Americans like YOU who are not deterred from speaking the truth, loud & clear! There was never any evidence or science that showed children are spreading Covid-19! 

Shawntel Cooper
Virginia Loudoun County Mom

Watch how Shawntel Cooper, a Virginia Black Mom eviscerate a radical left public school board over adopting the hateful Critical Race Theory. She called for this theory to be banned from the school system and told the school board to "think twice before you indoctrinate such racist theories." She is our book definition of a Patriot Parents HERO!

Braden Ellis
Student at Cypress College, California

Braden Ellis, 19, of Cypress, CA,  was making a presentation on the term β€œcancel culture” to his Communications class when this exchange took place during a recorded Zoom. His professor started ranting at him, interrupting him while he was making his arguments in defending the police as a force for good! Braden remained calm and polite, and has schooled the radical professor with common sense thoughts that most Americans agree with. We certainly DO!

Courtney Ann Taylor
Mother of 3 children, (ages 2,4,6) Gwinnett County, GA

Like so many of us, Courtney has had enough of the school her kids go to, mandating little children to wear masks for 7 hours, every day, for the last year, with no end in sight. She confronted the school board and her video went viral. We are not surprised! Thank you Courtney Ann for speaking up for millions of parents who agree with you πŸ’―,  with us included!

Jodi Shaw
Former Staffer at Smith College, Northhampton, MA

Jodi was working at Smith College as Student Support Coordinator. She was a lifelong liberal and a mother of two. She decided to resign from her position and blow the whistle, because she could no longer stand the radical discrimination at the college, treating both students and staff solely based on their skin color. She was offered a settlement as an easy way out but turned it down. Click here for her full story and listen to her own words at this video.
Jodi has set an outstanding example for all of us of how to fight the lunacy of the critical race theory.

Elliot Morse
A 16 Year Old Student from Massachusetts 

Elliot Morse wrote a letter to his teacher that has made all the way to the Tucker Carlson Show, aired on 2/19/2021. Elliot took action and stood up for our American values, freedoms, and in particularly, the freedom of speech. He also called out the sheer indoctrination of our kids at schools. After watching this video, you too will agree that Elliot is a HERO!

Paul Rossi
Teacher, Grace Church High School, Manhattan, NY

Paul is a math teacher who loves his work. But he refused to see his students being indoctrinated with the new "Anti-Racist" theory at his school. Like so many of us, he believed that treating students differently, based on their racial identity, is just plain wrong.  Students from all backgrounds approached  him, expressing their disdain about this indoctrination. He decided to take some action and raised his questions to the school board. He told them how this is causing great harm and division. Their response was public reprimanding  by the head of the school, and through the school advisors, it was read in the ears of every student. This is despite the promise of confidentiality of school staff meetings. He was then told by the school to "Stay Home" for the time being. Paul was willing to put his job on the line for standing up for what's right, facing a radical left mob.
Read his entire letter and story right here!

Marlena Pavlos-Hackney
Pizzeria / Bistro Owner, Holland, MI

Marlena is a first generation legal immigrant and a U.S. citizen who came to America from Poland in 1983, fleeing her communist country back then. She is very grateful and appreciative of the country that gave her the freedoms and opportunities she so craved.  In 1992, she opened her own restaurant "Marlena's Bistro and Pizzeria," and turned it into a successful business.
The unconstitutional covid lockdowns by Michigan's Governor Whitmer reminded her of the edicts one would see in totalitarian regimes like the one she has escaped from. She decided to fight back. The Health Department tried to shut her down with fines and fees but she stood her ground. They revoked her license to operate a restaurant but Marlena was not deterred and continued to serve her community proudly. Recently, a judge levied a fine and ordered an arrest warrant for Marlena but she still refused to give up her constitutional rights to communist-like bureaucrats. In her act, she didn't only stand up for her freedoms, but for our freedoms as well. She is a true American Hero.
If you'd like to show your support to Marlena, consider making a donation at her GoFundMe Page.