Shame on American Girl Doll Company!


The American Girl Guide Books used to be pretty good once, but NOT ANY MORE. In the insane woke gender crisis era we are going through, they are actively PROMOTING GENDER TRANSITION AND PUBERTY BLOCKERS TO GIRLS AS YOUNG AS 3 YEARS OF AGE!

Parents, please protect your daughters from this madness and AVOID BUYING ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS! The message we need to send could not be more loud and clear!

Stay away from Calvin Klein!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well here's one for you. To be more specific, this is the latest commercial Calvin Klein is running. Everyone knows that men can't get pregnant - only women can! So you have to ask yourself: What's up with this madness? This is not an accident or a joke... This was carefully thought of! Calvin Klein did not only sign up for the woke club - they signed up for the lunacy club, pushing irrational, radical left propaganda. We don't feel they deserve our business. We are confident you can find many other fine underwear brands.


AT&T owned DirecTV decided to drop the highly popular One America News Channel (OAN). The move, of course, is purely political, and has zero business sense. OAN is our favorite news source, far better than any other cable news channel. Why did they drop it? Because AT&T, like many other big corporations, belong to the extreme left, and they can't stomach an independent, investigative news channel that broadcasts real news and informs Americans about what the left tries to cover up. This Communist style Cancel Culture must be fought and squashed in every way possible. We are calling everyone who has DirecTV to cancel them, TODAY, and here is an excellent alternative: You can watch OAN live on any device for $3/month with klowdtv.com ! Let's make them regret this!

Kelloggโ€™s to Bankroll a Monthly Income to all Illegals Entering America!

Yes, you read it right (click the link above to go to the full story). But now let's ask ourselves: WHY would any business agree to such a grand scale commitment....  if they wouldn't benefit somehow from it in the end? Why would an American company support lawlessness such as an illegal invasion into our country under the sponsorship of Joe Biden? Backdoor deals? Like you'll see in many examples here, we are in a war for America, and we need to start fighting back. STOP BUYING KELLOGG'S PRODUCTS!

Avoid buying products from these Chinese owned food companies in the U.S.!

This is the simplest call-to-action item YOU can adopt today! China is becoming an increasingly dangerous adversary. They are trying to take over America and become the world's superpower. The current Biden administration gives them their golden opportunity. But it's up to US, the American citizens to take action where we can when our own government wont! DID YOU KNOW THAT CHINA OWNS 146,000 ACRES OF FARMLAND IN OUR COUNTRY??? WE MUST STARVE THIS BEAST! BE INFORMED AND SPREAD THE WORD!

Smithfield Foods

Armour Foods

Nathan's Hot Dogs

Give to charity, but NOT to the Salvation Army!

We at Patriot Parents have always thought of the Salvation Army as a good charity organization. BUT... When a charity like this comes out with a statement, asking its white donors (which most are!) to apologize for being racist? they lose everything! They tried to walk it back since, but this was not an accident. The fact that they publicly came out with a such a derogatory statement, should tell you a lot about where their heart went. It is truly sad to see this, but we will have zero tolerance for the outrageous war against the white race. The overwhelming majority of white Americans never practiced any form of racism. The exact opposite is the truth!

Nike CEO John Donahoe: "We are a brand of China and FOR China." This means NIKE is literally subordinated to the Chinese Communist Party. Is it any surprise that their "superstar" is Colin Kaepernick? 

Ben & Jerry's not only OPENLY supporting defunding our police at their own website, but also wants to boycott "Palestinian Occupied Territories, " aka Israel. They sure did get a backlash from Israel for this, but they should also get it from US!

Verizon is yet another corporation that was exposed by researcher Christopher Rufo (8/25/2021) teaching employees that capitalism is fundamentally racist, that "weaponized White privilege" is a danger to African-Americans, and that employees should support "defunding the police," thanks to a brave whistleblower. 

Are you still comfortable with them being your carrier? We strongly urge you to SWITCH to a more decent one, TODAY!

In a recent scoop it was revealed that Bank of America has implemented a "racial re-education program," claiming that "ALL whites, regardless of oneโ€™s socioeconomic class background or other disadvantages, are living a life with white-skin privileges. Even white TODDLERS develop racial bias by ages 3-5...โ€ YES! You heard that right. The only question to be asked now is: Why are you still banking with a corporation that poisons our American society? It's time to move your money elsewhere!

American Express, the Credit Card and Capital giant is "training" its employees with Critical Race Theory, telling them that Capitalism is RACIST, that working hard to succeed is a racial microaggression. Our call to action: Cut your ties with them!

Combat Censorship!๐Ÿ’ฅ
Support Alternative Platforms.

Big Tech Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google have become dangerously powerful. Not only do they hold every bit of our private information, track everything we search for and post, but they have also engaged in shaping public opinion and censoring free speech. They claim to be neutral while abusing their enormous tech power to shut down conservative voices and entire websites (e.g. Parler who was competing with twitter, ) suppressed other websites of news outlets from showing in a search and have crossed all lines recently by shutting down the social media accounts of none other than the President of The United States, Donald J. Trump. The mainstream media is no different in that regard. It's time to start fighting this outrageous phenomenon, and the way to do it, as with all monopoly powers, is to introduce competition and alternatives. In our case, ones who don't stifle free speech. Join us and make the switch today.