In today's New World Order, our kids are subjected to extreme indoctrination, brainwashing, and brutal abuse. From gender identity and pronouns, to COVID and on to communism, and other radical Left agendas. Children are also the subject of Trafficking - a direct result of Biden't border policy. We need all parents informed about what's being done to our children and save them from this horrible environment all around us!

Middle River, Maryland - A statement from the mother of a student in Glenmar Elementary School.

May 2, 2024

“My son goes to Glenmar Elementary School, he’s in kindergarten, on 4/11/24 he was completing a homework assignment on his school laptop. It glitched out almost as if someone was listening in. I took the laptop and started investigating, I found A SCREEN RECORDING that was taken January 26th at 7:10am of a video that was recorded in my HOME from the school laptop on the night of Thursday January 25th . I emailed Zachary’s teacher immediately with questions, I got no response, so I took it to the principal, Ms Neary, on 4/16/24 I saw down with her and showed her these videos saved to Zachary’s computer, her first reaction was “this is bizarre “ she was apparently going to send the laptop off to the IT guy… I’ve asked to make a report with the SRO of the school, and been denied name and number. The principal called me on 4/18/24 and told me”they found nothing “ and tried leaving it at that.. On 4/18/24 there were files deleted off of Zachary’s google drive @3 :37 pm…. On 4/29/24 I had a parent teacher conference with Zachary’s teacher miss Ellinger, I asked her “how Amira recording my son in my home without knowledge is helping him progress “ and she called the principal down, and that’s when the principal told me the laptops don’t record and there are no recordings. BUT I have a 30 minute screen recording that was taken Friday morning of a 45 minute recording that was taken Thursday night IN MY HOUSE. Recording personal and private conversations, my sons Amira assignment is paused and it’s still recording , MY SON CLOSES the lap top and it’s still recording audio. I recieved a certified letter in the mail from Glenmar Elementary School BANNING me from the property, I had my lawyer reach out to principal Neary and she refuses to answer but she called me and emailed me after my lawyer tried getting in contact with her, and I told her she needed to contact him. And she refuses. Watch your kids school devices. And watch where you send your kids to school!”


Equity and Inclusion: Two words being used to camouflage the extreme, irrational and sinister Left agenda.