The Truth about Covid-19

The Patriot Parents Team is committed to bringing you factual information about Covid-19, particularly the CENSORED TRUTH you never got to see! The Covid Calamity is real, not necessarily from the virus itself, but from  those who are in power: The CDC, NIH, Big Tech, Big Media, Big Pharma, and most of all... Big Government, at all levels.

Here is the Latest snapshot from the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS), not discussed anywhere in the media!

Latest News & Updates

Whistleblower Physician Assistant Says NY Hospital Admissions Were 90% Vaccinated, Not Being Reported to VAERS (10/19/2021)

Deborah Conrad is a Physician Assistant at a regional hospital, within the Rochester Regional Health System in New York. When she tried to assist doctors and nurses in her hospital with submission of VAERS reports, MANDATED BY FEDERAL LAW, she was prohibited by the hospital from doing so for a majority of the reports!

WATCHWhistleblower! Nurse DESTROYS "Delta" Narrative, VACCINATED Patients Fill Hospital!

Israel is now the world's Covid hotspot: Cases soar despite country's trail-blazing vaccine roll-out (9/5/2021)

This is despite a THIRD shot that has been rolled out already. When will someone finally admit that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine just doesn't work? Or at the very least - wanes out after a very short period of time? And considering all the untold severe side effects (which you can view yourself  above in this page,) is it really worth it?

More than 100 Ontario youth sent to hospital for vaccine-related heart problems (9/3/2021)

There were 54 persons aged 25-39 included in the tally and 44 persons aged 40 and over!

Two top vaccine regulators to leave U.S. FDA (8/31/2021)

As Reuters reports, NO REASON PROVIDED for their resignation! Wow... Just WOW. Shall WE take a guess? Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the TOP TWO VACCINE regulators the FDA had for over THIRTY YEARS. They decided to leave shortly after the FDA gave official approval to the Pfizer vaccine, which was a very controversial decision, considering all the reported side effects. Coincidence? Or release of liability? You be the judge.


Pfizer scientist: Natural Immunity far superior than the vaccine!

There you go, folks! Right from the horse's mouth! Please watch this video and then ask yourself: Why are those who have natural immunity from having had Covid being forced to take the vaccine?

Thanks to a Whistleblower that came forth to Attorney Thomas Renz, the public is now seeing, for the first time ever, hard data from the largest database available in the U.S. to study the COVID-19 impact including deaths & injuries; The CMS Medicare Tracking System. The Total number of American Citizens that died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is 48,465 according to hard data revealed in the Medicare Tracking System!!! Watch the video below and share this page! (9/28/2021)

The FDA Vaccine Advisory Panel are sounding the alarm, as the data coming out shows that COVID mRNA vaccines have more risk than benefit! The government is fighting very hard to hide this information from you, the citizen!Watch the video below and judge for yourself! (9/19/2021)

This data from the CDC clearly shows that in the event you get COVID, your chances of survival are extremely high, much like  seasonal flu, especially if you are under the age of 70.


Watch a Doctor and a mom of three educate the Pennsbury School Board (in Pennsylvania) about the fallacies of Covid-19 on our youth! There's a lot we can learn from this video to empower us, parents, to take this fight to every school district in our country!

On January 2017, Dr. Fauci , made a "prediction" just when Trump started serving as President. Today we know that he was fully involved in the Wuhan lab research.

Something is wrong in this picture - Actually a lot of things!

On February 2020, The U.S. Economy was abruptly shut down when it was at its all time best, just two days after a historical Trade Deal was signed by President Trump and China! Coincidence?

There are no coincidences in politics! The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) knew full well that this virus (they carelessly spread to the rest of the world) was going to severely disrupt this trade deal and that's why they agreed to sign it. Let's get real... The CCP doesn't care if the entire world collapses in return for having the upper hand over the United States, on their quest  for world dominance! They don't even care if even 50 million of their own people die. Their population is over  1.4 Billion!

Did Lockdowns work?

When Covid-19 made it to our shores, the government at all levels forcefully shut down our businesses, churches and synagogues, schools and livelihoods. Creating fear and panic in the American people. We were told to lock ourselves in our homes and "save lives". We were told to mask up. We were told to give it 3 weeks so that the virus would have nowhere to go and then we could go back to normal. These 3 weeks turned into 3 months and then 9 months. Millions of us lost our jobs instantly, tens of thousands of businesses were shut down for good. Today after 18 months we know that lockdowns were the biggest crime against us, by the radical, powerful people in government. The only person who was opposing these extended lockdowns was our president, Donald J. Trump.

What about masks?

Much like these lockdowns, masks were an excellent tool to scare us into OBEDIENCE. Most of the masks you see out there are totally ineffective against an airborne respiratory virus! It is even written on the boxes themselves! Here:

Why was this fine licensed, experienced doctor censored from Facebook, Google(YouTube) and Twitter?

Dr. Dan Stock was addressing the Mt. Vernon School Board in Indiana over the futility of mask mandates and Covid-19 protocols in most schools. We are no Doctors, but WHY are different opinions of legit doctors being censored while others being pushed? Since when it is forbidden to question the so called science? One that has proven to be wrong so many times in the past 18 months??? Could it be because he's onto something? Could it be because he is proving them wrong and they can't have that? You'll be the judge. Watch this video below and empower yourself with good information!