Proudly Puritan
By Booker Scott, America Out Loud News

Maybe the most important American Puritan story took place before they ever landed on the New World’s shores. Before here, Puritans left England for Holland in 1609. They believed the Church of England was corrupt and not grounded in biblical principles. The Puritans migrated to Holland so they could worship freely as Christians. After years in Holland, that didn’t work either, and some headed back to England. Some set sail for America. A decade after the Pilgrims, they landed and were greeted and accepted by the Pilgrims. By the tens of thousands, Puritans came. They were fiercely tough, very independent, and became upset over a tax on tea. It was Puritans in the Boston Harbor. It was Puritans that warned ‘the British are coming,’ Paul Revere’s father was a Puritan. They would not be held down by a tyrannical government. They came to this land to worship freely. It didn’t work in England, and Holland wasn’t any better. They weren’t leaving again. It was worth it to them to stand and fight for freedom. It was a Puritan that was the first American to denounce slavery and advocated to abolish slavery. The first voice of abolition, Puritan Samuel Sewell, condemned slavery in his work ‘The Selling of Joseph,’ the first anti-slavery tract written in America. The Pilgrims had welcomed the migrant Puritans because they were bound together and assimilated in the word of God. Offspring from the original Puritans paid the ultimate sacrifice on battlefields around the world so Americans could be free to choose alternative thoughts and lifestyles to protect their right to choose. Even when beliefs and convictions didn’t align with the Puritans, they understood individual freedom and liberty were greater than a tyrannical government. But when other’s rights infringe on my ability to live free, the Puritan in me bows up. And, when their rights disrupt our children’s and grandchildren’s lives, the Puritan in me says, that’s about enough. Finally, when their rights infringe, scoff at, and make fun of or keep me from worshipping, the one thing that bound us together at the very beginning. That’s enough. One nation under God. Of course, this story isn’t completely told without the Puritans’ activity in the Salem witch trials included. While that part is a stain on the Puritans and American history, it seems to be the only story most want to share about the Puritans these days. That is the story of the Puritans and their journey to America. What did we learn? Don’t mess with the Puritans’ right to worship, don’t mess with their children, and don’t mess with their sweet iced tea. It’s a history that should be shared, not forgotten. Be proudly Puritan. On this episode of ‘Truth Be Told with Booker Scott,’ we welcome author and Fox News frequent guest Matt Palumbo and his weekly segment ‘Mondays with Matt.’ Diego Rivera joins the conversation to discuss his effort to keep the National Guard in America instead of being deployed to conflicts around the world.

"Citizens self-confidence and patriotism are very important in a nation. As Dominik Tarczynski said Poland has it because of the hard experiences they have endured. Majority of Polish citizens understands what sovereignty means, and they know how to celebrate every moment of freedom. As John Paul II said: “Freedom is not given forever, you have to fight for it every day.” Even in times of peace they understand that sovereignty and freedom are not a given. All can be taken away if you blink and it is better to be smart before you lose them, before you are attacked. Poland understands what Russia and Ukraine are, that’s why they must be strong, smart, prepared, and believe in themselves. The Polish people are brave, intelligent and proud to be Polish. I am the granddaughter of one of the Polish soldiers in the Polish cavalry and in many times they prevailed in the battles. In a series of encounters in the starting months of the WWII Polish riders managed to break up German infantry formations, liberate captured towns and overrun fortified positions. My grandfather was brave. And he did not believe that the war was just over in 1945. After the war my grandfather was fighting against communists oppression in Poland. He was always standing up against the communists and he fought again and again for freedom and his land, because after the WWII communists took takeaway all from Polish people. Yes, Patriotism is in my family blood. And all the families in Poland had a freedom fighters at some point in their life history. That is our heritage. We are patriotic people. Because you cannot be a coward if you want to survive in this world. America was and still is the most powerful country. We The People must always believe in ourselves and fight for our Country. We can’t let them take our freedom! We The American People are BRAVE, INTELLIGENT and PROUD People. We are the AMERICANS! I’m a PROUD AMERICAN CITIZEN."

 - Renata (X: @RL9631)

"I lived there for my first 18 years. Communism pushed me away but now look at my old Krakow. In Poland we were fighting against communism, I remember as a young teen, I participated in protests with many moms and dads and friends against communism control and total oppression. We prayed in our marches on the streets of Krakow and Nowa Huta These Communists didn’t want that. They knew that we the Polish people were not going to surrender easily. Tanks on the streets, ZOMO police and soldiers with guns. Police hour and no one was allowed outside. No food in the stores, I was eating bread with lard and whatever else I could get. No way to buy a nice clothes or shoes. I remember all like yesterday. When I was able to escape in late 80’s after the Martial Law era ended, I came to America to be free. Today, I’m just terrified of what I see is happening in America. Back then America was like a dream to me, it give me hope and strong will to survive when I was a young teenager under communism in Poland. When I moved here I was in shock of how everything was different from what I knew and what I had. Just incredible and exciting Country! Started to learn English, went to school to finish my degree and start my own business. I was proud to take the citizenship and become American. 🇺🇸 I never expected American taxpayers to pay for anything. Never used the system. I worked hard. Why because I respect and appreciate America. This country give me a new life. I support America and President Trump. Will not surrender to tyranny. We must demand fair and transparent elections. BAN all electronic voting machines, because that is how they manipulate the votes. Stolen elections have consequences. Close the border. That should be agreeable for democrats and Republicans. It’s a safety concern for all Americans, including politicians!"

 - Renata (X: @RL9631)

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